Some Common Cryptocurrency Jargons

Anurag Ganguly
2 min readOct 24, 2018


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People tend to misspell ‘HOLD’ as ‘HODL’ right? Or maybe they are right. It is the lesser known knowledge that makes one feel quite opposite.


The first appearance of the term ‘HODL’ dates back to 2013. It appeared for the first time in a thread called ‘I AM HODLING’ by a user GameKyuubi (courtesy of

It was a misspelled phrase at that time that became a commonly used terminology. In simple terms, a typo that became a popular term.

There are multiple and commonly used cryptocurrency jargons that most everyday trader uses.


When a particular cryptocurrency tends to break each of its past records is said to be ATH. It simply breaks down as ‘All Time High’


It refers to a trader with a higher level account, who is optimistic enough to see the market rise regarding a particular cryptocurrency.


“Fear of missing out”. It has a literal meaning for the fear of missing out on profit over an investment.


Again a typo/misspelled variant of “wrecked”. The term describes about a trader who faces substantial losses form a downfall.


“ADDY” refers to a cryptocurrency public address or a key.


“FUD” stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.


Any cryptocurrency that is NOT Bitcoin.


Selling of a coin.


“BTFD” stands for ‘Buy The F*cking Dip. This also indicates buying of a coin when it is dumped high.


China stands to be influential country in the Bitcoin space. Hence, people refer to China as CHOYNA in crypto groups and more places.


Stands for Market Capitalization


Aggressive or Upward price movement.

These were some of the jargons that are used in the crypto mediums. The cryptocurrency jargon list consists of many terms that sound casual, which is how it got to the public and became a language.



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