Web & UX Design Trends for 2020

Anurag Ganguly
3 min readMar 5, 2020


Evolution takes place every single passing minute. So does the trends being set in design. Design, to me has always been a very broad word, just like ‘content’. Talking about design can go from how something functions to how something appears visually.

Every designer has their own set of norms and rules while following to keep up with their balance in their own design. But there are certain touch-points, or let’s say, certain trends that keep on graduating the evolution in design. Whether it be digital illustration, painting, or a website; everything leads to anything when talking about following design trends.

Even the social and portfolio platforms have evolved in the recent years in the terms of what goes into the feed. People are getting to show their creative sides even in the cat photos they click, or some notes they take. Everything is creative around, and so can anything be inspiration.

I have been consulting and designing websites, UX/UI, and marketing campaigns since I was just 17, (which states a lot about the lessons I’ve learnt in the last 7 years). There’s always a room for improvement!

Below are some design trends that I feel are going to storm the whole year.

1- Monochromes

Monochromes are always going to rock the floor. Any creative aspect looks great with proper color theory. And monochromatic aspect is more of a theory than some trend. Right from photography, packaging design, to digital art; monochrome designs never lose the bait.

2. Typography

There is one prime reason we all Medium. And it is the sophisticated Serif typefaces it uses throughout the website, making it look more serious and on-point.

This is the magic different typefaces/fonts can do.

Need to make something sound funny? Use Comic Sans (Just kidding, please don’t!)

Have something authentic going on? Use Abril Fatface

The list goes on. Texts can tell a lot.

3. Line Art

Line art is sophisticated in its own way. Just simplified illustration all over.
Need to make your designs look conveying by removing all the clutter? Some whites and a dash of outlines would do the job!

These were my top three design and UX trends that would excel in 2020. If you liked this article, please pass the word to people who would love it too :)

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