Dev Update — 17 May

  1. Events & Interviews Attended
  2. DigixDAO Update

Events & Interviews Attended

8 May: Digix Advertisement Banner on CoinMarketCap

Digix Advertisement Banner on CoinMarketCap

Digix has ventured into the efforts of increasing more brand awareness through purchasing an advertising spot on the CoinMarketCap website. To date, the outcome of the advertisement banner performance on the website has a growing Click-Through Rate (CTR) each passing day, improving the brand exposure.

8 May: Into the Ether Podcast Release

As proposed by our Discord community, we finally got a slot on “Into the Ether” Podcast with Eric Conner is now live! The podcast, Digix: The Golden Path Forward with Shaun Djie entails COO & Co-Founder Shaun, discussing the entirety of DGX and DGD, from the history, struggles and successfully, launching a governance platform.

9 May: Sydney Landing Pad participation

Being a participant in cohort one of Sydney Landing Pad, Digix will be part of a comprehensive program that aids in the understanding of breaking into the Australia market.

13 May: The Bitcoin Podcast Network Release

Following from the “Into the Ether” podcast opportunity, Digix secured another podcast with Bitcoin Podcast Network. For this opportunity, Digix was featured on Announcements with Dose of Ether Host, Lucian Strobe. Titled, Announcement: Digix Global podcast explains the democratising access to gold, where utilisation of the blockchain technology guarantees elimination of plausible human error and risk of fraud unlike the current supply chain of gold.

2. DigixDAO Update

Since the last Dev Update, two projects have finished the participant voting round and are passing the required quorum and quota. Effectively, the proposers would be able to claim 25 and 1.25 ETHs respectively for their first milestones. This would mark the first release of funds from DigixDAO.

Progressing into more than half of Quarter 1, Digix has proposed 2 new projects on the DigixDAO Platforms:

  • Project 1: DigixDAO Funding For Ongoing Bug Bounty Development On Gitcoin
  • Project 2: DigixDAO Funding for CEZEX Exchange listing of DGX

Digix has also created a Special Project to modify some configurations of DigixDAO. Essentially, the project aims to reduce the duration for DigixDAO voting phases. Details can be found in the description here. In addition to the above, two new projects were proposed in DigixDAO.

Some updates to the DigixDAO governance platform made over the last two weeks:

  1. Internationalization to support both English and Chinese languages
English and Chinese Language options

2. Users can now view project details without requiring to being participants

3. Improved formatting on the UI, to help make comments and descriptions more readable

Furthermore, the Digix team is working on improving the user experience for the DigixDAO governance platform, and the below mentioned updates should be released soon:

  1. Color Coding and filtering to display projects based on actionable items, some of which are:

a) Whether a moderator can endorse the project or not

b) Whether a moderator/participant can vote on the project or not

c) Whether a proposer can claim funding for the project or not

Colour Coded to filter projects

2. Support variable gas limits for different types of transactions (this will help in the transaction being mined faster)

3. A few other UI improvements and bug fixes

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