Dev Update — 3 May

1.Events/ Interviews Attended

2. DigixDAO Updates

3. DigixDAO Governance Platform

1. Events / Interviews Attended

23 April: Tribe Accelerator Progress Update

Shaun and Faris at the Progress Update

23 April: Tribe Accelerator Progress Update

Through the progress of Digix with the Tribe Accelerator Programme, as an Acceleratee of Tribe Accelerator, Digix had an opportunity to meet Faris Oweis, one of the programme mentors. Shaun Djie, COO and Co-Founder of Digix managed to gain fruitful insights from Faris Oweis, Smart City Commissioner at the United Nations’ Blockchain for Impact (BFI) platform over lunch.

23 April: Chainstack Singapore Launch

Kai C. with a panel at Chainstack Singapore Launch

Digix CEO Kai C. spoke in a panel discussion at the Chainstack Singapore Launch, promoting Ethereum and its use case for supply chain management.

24 April: Live on Money FM 89.3

Digix went Live on Singapore’s business and personal finance radio station, Money FM 89.3. On a Trendsetter segment, Shaun Djie, Digix COO & Co-Founder was speaking on “What’s the difference between trading gold and gold tokens?” Listen to the recorded podcast here:

30 April: Digix payment available at 20 different merchants in Singapore

Partnering with Blockchain Life, Bizkey has facilitated a platform for users to pay using DGX tokens at 20 different merchants. Seizing the opportunity, the Digix team decided to test the payment process at one of the merchants.

2 May: Nanjing EMBA on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies on the World

Laura, Digix Marketing Lead was invited to give a speech at an International Business Model Innovation Program, collaborated between Nanjing EMBA and National University of Singapore. She shared on the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment in Singapore, Digix’s Business Model and the importance of setting up a blockchain course for EMBA students.

Laura giving a speech to EMBA students from China

3 May: Silver Bullion TV Interview with KC

Digix was privileged to secure another interview opportunity with our vault and supplier, Silver Bullion, a Singapore company that allows users to own precious metals. Interviewing Digix CEO Kai Chng, the topics comprises on DGX and the recently launched DigixDAO. Shortly after the video interview is released on YouTube, it will be announced on our social medias. Stay tuned!

2. DigixDAO Updates

Since the last update, multiple features have been pushed to our DigixDAO Governance Platform. We are glad to announce that all users will now have the ability to browse through the projects’ details and discussion. The formatting of the comment section has also been improved to allow for bullet points, links, etc.

As a quick overview of the current projects, there are two projects that are in the Commit Phase of the Participant Voting round. Bullionix has received 45 commits while Internet Treasure Hunt has received 50 commits. The Commit Phase for both of these projects will start on the 9th of May.

To all voters who have voted: please keep your JSON files in a secure location. You will need them to reveal your votes when the Reveal Phase starts. Your votes would only be counted after being revealed

To all participants who have not voted: Please remember to save the JSON file right before sending the transaction to commit your vote.

To potential proposers: to be able to receive funding within Quarter 1, you will need to submit and finalise your project before the end of day 49. This is because it takes 10 days for Moderator Voting, 21 days for Participant Voting, and 10 days safety margin for the claiming of the Participant Voting round, which in total adds up to 41 days (90–41=49).

3. DigixDAO Governance Platform

In summary, it is Day 35 of Quarter 1 on the DigixDAO governance platform. At current, there are 7 projects in total:

  • 3 at the Idea Stage
  • 2 at Draft Stage
  • 2 Proposal Stage

Entirely, a total funding requirement of 592.58 ETH, votings are still welcomed! Click here to find out more on how to vote.

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