Dev Update — 5 April 2019

  1. Digix Milestones/ Rewards
  2. Events Attended/Interviews
  3. Dev Update on DAO
  4. Digix Deals
  5. Press Release

  1. Digix Milestone/ Rewards

27 March 2019, Digix had been selected as one of the ten startups to be a part of the Tribe Accelerator programme, the Singapore-based blockchain accelerator programme.

Shaun featured at Tribe Accelerator Launch Night

Tribe Accelerator, the first-of-its-kind government-supported
blockchain accelerator, and part of TRIVE Ventures, a Southeast Asia focused Venture Capital (VC) firm based in Singapore, announced the 10 startups which will form the first batch of Tribe Accelerator’s product development focused programme.

Alongside 9 of Singapore’s most innovative blockchain startups, Accrue Inc., Chorus Mobility, halo, LIMESTONE NETWORK, MIGHTY JAXX, SGCarMart.Com, TADA, TEMCO, WhatsHalal, Digix will participate in a global roadshow spanning Singapore, Seoul, San Francisco, and Shanghai, in a series of masterclasses and demonstrations.

28 March 2019, After 3 years of development and testing, DigixDAO had finally launched on 30 March 2019 11:00 SGT!

As of March 30, those who own DGD tokens can now contribute and vote on proposals to grow and improve the Digix platform.

DigixDAO Launch Night

DigixDAO restructures the essence of an organization, inviting the community to expand the business strategy and direction of the company. The DigixDAO governance platform enables DGD token holders to moderate, approve, reject and comment ideas to accelerate the growth of the Digix ecosystem.

Anthony Eufemio, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Digix said: “Over the last three years, Digix has worked to meet the growing demand for a more democratized way of owning and investing in gold. As we expand our offering to wider assets and markets, the DigixDAO platform will enable us to double down on these efforts and harness deep insights and ideas from our community, while introducing a more democratized future for corporate governance in Singapore.”

Check the video record of our Launch Night, please click here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

2. Events Attended/Interviews

25 March, Why would blockchain shake up businesses? Geoffrey Cher, Business Development Lead of Digix, weighed in on the impact of this technology on organizational activities with Block Live Asia: watch the full video here.

1 April, KC was invited to attend the SBMA annual Gold Focus 2019 Singapore Launch.

SBMA annual Gold Focus 2019 Singapore Launch.

Gold Focus is Metals Focus’ flagship annual publication on the gold market that provides an in-depth analysis of key developments in the market, including historical and forward-looking statistics. Nikos Kavalis, Founding Partner of Metals Focus, delivered a presentation of the findings of the report at the seminar.

2 April 2019, Shaun had an interview with Omar Faridi from CryptoGlobe. Omar raised questions on the security of DAOs and blockchain space in 10 years. For Digix, we conducted a full code audit with Switzerland-based ChainSecurity AG, one of the top code audit firms in the blockchain space. This enables us to keep the DAO secure and prioritize security above all. In 10 years, hopefully, we reach the phase of real-world adoption, where the technology is invisible to the front-end user. In addition, the overall ecosystem will continue to institutionalize and the crypto markets will continue to increase in efficiency.

3 April, Digix CEO Kai C. Chng was interviewed by Trond Vagen, Asia Editor at Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence. KC shared with Trond his insights on DigixDAO being one of the first decentralized companies in Singapore, hoping to learn insights on how corporate governance is redesigned with companies in Singapore taking the lead.

4 April, Digix CEO Kai C. Chng was invited to Singapore Advanced Technology and Blockchain Investor Convention as a keynote speaker talking about the future of blockchain, the adoption of blockchain technology in everyday life and his overall experience as a founder. Through this event, Wholesale Investor took some of Australasia’s leading high-growth emerging technology, crypto and blockchain companies to Singapore, aiming to create opportunities for tomorrow by showcasing the impact these companies have on the ecosystem.

3. Dev Update on DAO

Exactly 3 years after our DigixDAO crowd-sale in March 2016, we have finally launched DigixDAO on 30th March 2019, 11 AM SGT. You can head over to our DigixDAO Governance Platform right now, start locking your DGDs and prepare to vote on the exciting projects to come.

Although there were some wallet integration problems at the start, they were all fixed and we can safely say that the DigixDAO Governance Platform launch was smooth and successful. At the time of writing, there have already been 207,084 DGDs (10.35% of total supply) locked in DigixDAO smart contracts. The current Locking Phase will last until 9th April 11 AM SGT, after which the Main Phase will start where everyone can start submitting projects and discussing/voting on them.

In case you missed it, we have released two sets of guides over the last few weeks. The first guide is more about explaining how everything works in DigixDAO, while the second guide is more about guiding how to use the DigixDAO Governance Platform.

If you have any issues in using the Governance Platform, feel free to contact us via the Help button on the Governance Platform itself, or head over to room dgdao-help in our Discord channel.

4. Digix Deals

Digix Gold Ticket

Congratulations to Ma**, Ge**, An**, Gr** and Gu** who have won altogether 14 DGX in our last promotion, with the biggest prize of 5 DGX per 5 DGX purchased on our marketplace.

Soon there will be our DGX First-Anniversary celebration, we will present you with more exciting promotions and deals, stay tuned with us at DigixDeal.

5. Press Release

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