Dev Updates — 04 October

In this volume of development updates, we will talk more on DigixDAO in the coming Q3. From the locking of DGD on DigixDAO to its UX enhancements.

1. Lock your DGDs by 06 Oct, 11 AM (SGT)

Join us in shaping the future of DGX and DGD! Lock your DGDs before the 6 October, 11 AM (SGT) to be part of our DigixDAO community.

We are less than 2 days away from the end of DigixDao Q3 Locking Phase.

Q3 Overview of DigixDAO

2. Statistics on current Governance.

“Simplicity is Complexity Resolved”.

The famous quote by the sculptor Constantin Brancusi expresses a great truth. For every complex problem, there is something at the heart of the issue, and that by solving it, brings great energy to push us forward, pointing us back to simplicity.

The objective of DigixDAO is to allow a community who believes in the need for gold tokens to assist in the push to raise awareness, adoption, and to build a strong ecosystem around it.

Here are some quick statistics on the efforts over the past 2 quarters since it went live:

DigixDAO is a community platform for innovations to be turned into reality. It is structured into 4 Quarters. Each Quarter is made up of 90 days and starts with a 10-day locking phase. Within these 10 days, the DigixDao community can choose to lock part of their DGD token(s) to actively vote for proposal(s) in the coming Quarter.

The different phases of DigixDAO

Interested in submitting a proposal to receive funding from DigixDAO? Click here.

To help you get started, we have created a guide to DigixDAO and FAQ too.

3. DigixDAO UX enhancements

The tech team worked on improving the user experience for participants who wish to continue participating in DigixDAO. Users are guided by the modal, as displayed below.

We noticed that users find it difficult to modify/choose appropriate gas prices while sending transactions to the DigixDAO smart contracts on our web platform. To address this concern, we added a gitcoin bounty in our repositories for the open-source community to contribute to this project.

With that, the “Smart Gas Price” feature has been reviewed and the proposed enhancements are accepted by our code reviewer. The enhancements are:

Many thanks to Eswara Sai for his contributions.👍

4. DigixDAO with Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade

In view of the recent Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade, we tested DigixDAO smart contracts with a ganache client that supports the Istanbul hard fork changes. Our smart contract test suite ran successfully, without any out-of-gas issue.

The block gas limit for the blockchain was set to 9.9 million, which is a little less than the current Ethereum mainnet’s gas limit.

Test log here.

We would love to hear from you!

At Digix, we appreciate feedback from the community, so do drop us a note at or join our channels below:



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