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Mar 11 · 5 min read

1. DigixDAO Update

2. Digix Event/Interview

3. DGX Listing on ProBit Exchange

4. Win UNLIMITED Tickets to celebrate DGX listing in Coinhako Wallet

5. Digix Media Release

  1. DigixDAO Update

We are at our final sprint for DigixDAO platform development. On our Kovan demo environment, a user could already do KYC, submit a project and take it through the whole life cycle of the project.

We have also finalized on the initial values for the configurations of different mechanics in DigixDAO. These configuration values are what we think would be reasonable as a starting point. Here are some of the notable mechanics of DigixDAO:

· Each participant vote gives you 1 Quarter Point.

· Each moderator vote gives you 1 Moderator Quarter Point

· As a proposer, getting your project past a voting round for a milestone will get you 2 Quarter Points for each ETH you asked. For example, a proposer gets past the voting for a milestone, which asks for 10ETH. He or she will get 20 Quarter Points.

· Minimum amount of DGDs to be a participant in DigixDAO is 10DGD

· Minimum amount of DGDs to be a moderator in DigixDAO is 842DGD (this has been set by Carbon Vote 1)

· Minimum amount of Reputation Points to be a moderator in DigixDAO is 400

· Bonus in Reputation Points for each Carbon Vote that you participated in is 10

· At the start, a community project is limited to a maximum of 100 ETH funding

· A project needs a 2ETH collateral to be created, which will be returned when the project has passed all milestone votings, or if the project fails before any funding is released.

There are other configuration values, which we will share over time leading up to the launch of DigixDAO.

Please note that these configuration values are by no means fixed in stone forever. After the first few quarters, everyone could observe how the system works and see what configurations should be changed in a Special Project.

2. Digix Event/Interview

· 28 February 2019, Sydney, Digix COO Shaun attended Wholesale Investor’s flagship investment conference, Emergence. With up to 1,500 attendees representing High-Net-Worth and Professional Investors, Industry, Government bodies, Founders, Managing Directors, and CEOs, Emergence was founded with the vision to open doors and avenues of opportunity for key participants in the emerging technology and innovation ecosystem.

· 27 February 2019, Sydney, Digix COO Shaun did a great presentation at BokkyPooBah’s Ethereum Workshop in Tyro Fintech Hub, sharing his view on the technical details behind Digix project, including the HOWs and WHYs.

· 12 March 2019, Hong Kong, TenX, Circle, Digix and The Floor are hosting a meetup for the Hong Kong crypto community! At this community meetup, you can expect to learn more about their vision of financial inclusion, making cryptocurrencies spendable, stable-coins and the future of decentralized financial services through open standards and protocols to connect blockchains.

· 13 March 2019, Hong Kong, Vitalik Buterin, Digix COO Shaun together with other 11 Ethereum Community Leaders will hold an Ethereum SuperMeetup, 1000 tickets are all sold out. This will be a landmark event, where they will establish a framework for Ethereum Meetups to work with the Ethereum Foundation and receive formal recognition and support from Ethereum Foundation.

· 13 -14 March 2019, Hong Kong, Digix will join TOKEN2049 as a community partner, representing Ethereum Singapore. Shaun is invited as speaker penciled on the panel: “Stablecoins: The Separation Of Money And State?”. Other panelists include Rich Teo, the Co-Founder of Paxos, Rafael Cosman, the Co-Founder of TrustToken, Jack Liu, the Managing Director of Circle and Larry Cermak, the Head Analyst of The Block.

3.DGX listing on ProBit Exchange

Digix bolsters Korean market presence with the first listing on local exchange ProBit, As our first collaboration with a Korean exchange, the listing of our DGX token on ProBit is a significant step for us as we look to build a stronger relationship with the Korean market. Known for having a lively crypto community, which makes up approximately 30% of the total cryptocurrency trading worldwide, South Korea is a thriving tech hub and aligns closely with our vision for the mainstream adoption and use of crypto as payment.

4. Win UNLIMITED Tickets to celebrate DGX listing in Coinhako Wallet

To celebrate DGX listing in Coinhako Wallet, Digix together with Coinhako are rewarding our customers unlimited DGX for a limited time.

From 4th March to 29th March 2019, for every 5 DGX purchase on Digix Marketplace, you earn 1 chance to participate in our Friday Promotion. (e.g. purchasing 15 DGX will earn 3 chances to participate in the Promotion). Each Promotion will be conducted LIVE at 17:00 on our Instagram Story The more you purchase, the more chances you get to win!

Our Promotion qualifiers won a total of 10.2DGX (~USD428) for our March 8 draw! Promotion stream record to be found here.

Click here to check more details and participate!

5. Digix Media Release

We have been steadily working towards increasing Digix ’s social media and brand presence in 2019. Here is a list of our online coverage for these 2 weeks:

· Siam Blockchain:

· NXT Alpha:

· Yahoo Finance:

· Korea IT Times:

We always appreciate feedback from the community on any angles, so do drop us a note or join our channels below:

· Medium:

· Reddit:

· Twitter:

· Facebook:

· Github:

· Telegram:§

· Discord:

· Instagram:

· YouTube:


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