DigixDAO progress, DGX promotion for 2018, Marketing objectives and team updates!

1. DigixDAO’s updates

ChainSecurity has come back to us with an intermediate report on the security issues that were found in our DigixDAO contracts. We are glad to reveal that no critical issues were found and no major changes are required. In fact, we have already finished addressing all the issues and sent back a list of fixes to the auditor. If all goes well, our auditor will publish their final report soon, after verifying our fixes. In short, we can say with near certainty that only this one round of audit is sufficient and the contracts are good to go.

As for the UI and backend system for the DigixDAO platform, we have been done with the functionalities to lock DGD, create and edit proposals. At the moment we are developing the voting and commenting features and hopefully we could produce an internal version that supports a whole lifetime of a proposal soon. If all goes well, you could expect to see a basic preview (with core functionalities) of the DAO platform on Kovan testnet by the end of the year. According to this timeline, we might be able to launch DigixDAO on mainnet early next year.

Here are a few screenshots of our work in progress:

How to lock DGDs
How to create proposals

2. Marketing and Communications Team

We are excited to announce that our brand new Marketing and Communications team is all set and prepared to bring insightful marketing initiatives to the Digix brand. As a primary marketing objective, the team is dedicated to conveying the message of transparency which underpins the foundation of the company. To achieve this, the team is motivated to work on various strategies and to implement effective ways of communications.

Akarshita Srivastava ( Head of Marketing and Communications)
Akarshita is a seasoned marketing professional, with 10 years of industry experience. Akarshita has completed a Master’s degree, majoring in Marketing from Singapore Management University.

Laura Zhang ( Marketing Lead)
Laura was working as a marketing director in the Fintech industry. She has years of global experience in strategic development and marketing in different industries and countries. She graduated with an MBA from Clemson University, and was an exchange student of Oxford University. She is also fluent in English, Chinese and Thai.

3. Ongoing Promotion: Golden Days are here

Since the last Dev update, we have observed a great response from DGX buyers. During the last two weeks, more than 10,000 DGX have been sold on Digix Marketplace, continuing to be one of the largest week on week volume. In this period, not only individual users have purchased DGX tokens, but a generous volume has also been purchased by an ICO project, indicating a strong trust among users on our gold-backed DGX tokens. More information will be shared regarding the latter in the days to come.

In the coming few weeks, we will be coming up with more festive promotions and offers on our Marketplace as well as with our partners. So, do keep an eye on our social media channels!

4. DGX is listed on Tokocrypto, the first crypto-to-fiat exchange for DGX


Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) has been successfully listed in Tokocrypto exchange as a DGX to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) pair. There will be a trading competition where you stand a chance to win up to 100 DGX! Head over to Tokocrypto and start trading now!

5. DigixGlobal joins the Gold Label Project with Binance Info

Gold Label!

DigixDAO (DGD) has become the 23rd token to officially join the Gold Label Project and has received a verification from Binance Info. Aligning to the mission of Binance info, we are dedicated to provide a fully trusted and transparent information about DigixDao to our users. Check our page here: (https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/digixdao).

6. Digital Gold on the Blockchain series with CoinMarketcap

As a thought leadership contributor to the CoinMarketCap blog, we have released our second article Building Confidence in Asset-Backed Tokens in a 3 part series. This article covers the Digix provenance protocol that combines blockchain record keeping and real world third party assessments that enables physical gold to be represented on the blockchain.

7. Ethereum Singapore Meetup on 29 Nov — ChainSecurity and Guest Speaker, Tomicah Tillemann

ChainSecurity is a Swiss blockchain security startup whose mission is to secure smart contracts at scale using advanced automated tools.

On 29th November, Digix organised an event under the Ethereum Singapore meetup, titled the “Hacking series by ChainSecurity” and a fireside chat with Tomicah Tillemann, director of New America, Bitfury and the founder of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator.

In a conversation with Shaun Djie, our guest speaker, Mr. Tomicah Tillemann, presented insightful information about the “Impact Ledger” project under the BTA and how he feels blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are disrupting and turning the attention toward social good for impact investing.

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