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3 min readAug 20, 2020


Your Digix dashboard

Please note that there will be a 1% fee to perform a recast. Therefore, you will need at least 101 DGX tokens in your wallet to successfully perform a recast.

Upon a successful recast, the system will set a reminder a week before the scheduled collection date.

If you do not collect the gold bar by the agreed date, the gold bar will automatically be reminted into DGX

Step 1

Look for the recast section after logging into your dashboard and start by loading your wallet

Step 2

Select the gold bar of your choice from the asset explorer. You will have to decide on the location of vault for redemption at step.

Step 3

Selected gold bars will have a green tick next to the item.

Step 4

Confirm your recast on your ledger and confirm the transaction.

Step 5

After the transaction is approved on the blockchain, a reminder will be sent to your registered mailbox a week before redemption date.

About Digix

Digix, incorporated in Singapore in 2014, is the blockchain company behind the world’s first gold-backed digital asset class. Digix uses blockchain to account for the authentication and provenance of 99.99% investment-grade gold bullions. Physical gold bars are registered on the blockchain, and every 1 gram of physical gold registered is pegged to 1 DGX token. The physical gold bars are kept in vaults located in Singapore and Canada.

Digix recently won the 2020 S&P Global Platts: Precious Metals Industry Leadership Award and was a finalist in the 2016 Singapore MAS Fintech Awards.

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