Meet the FounDAOrs -Jesse Johnson, Co-founder of Bullionix

Jesse and Mandy on their weekend

Q1. Hi Jesse, would you be able to share with us more about Bullionix and yourself?

Q2. How did you know about DigixDAO?

Q3. Why did you decide to onboard with DigixDAO and be part of the project?

A preview of the Bullionix Dapp that is targeted to launch in Q1 2020

Q4. Since the inception of DigixDAO, what are the major positive and negative impacts?

Q5. What do you think can be improved on DigixDAO which can help to better shape your business and DGX?

Q6. Why do you think others should get onboard DigixDAO?

Q7. Did any particular solutions stand out to you when you chose DigixDAO?

Q8. How navigable is the proposal submission and process on the DigixDAO platform?

Q9. Have you experienced any positive benefits as a result of the DigixDAO network? What additions to the network do you believe would benefit the broader Digix ecosystem?

Q10. Thank you Jesse. One last question. What do you believe are the benefits of decentralised decision making compared to traditional centralised business leadership?

What is Bullionix?



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