Facebook has a new anti-clickbait algorithm

The news algorithm has been tweaked many times by Facebook in order to keep posts relevant, but the update that has been announced for today seems to be the most important one to date. Facebook officially declared war on clickbait.

The new Facebook algorithm can detect headlines like “What she saw at this moment will SHOCK YOU!” or “You won’t believe what will happen next” and it doesn’t assign only a binary like “Yes, clickbait” or “not clickbait”, but it gives each story a score. The algorithm primarily looks for phrases often used in clickbait headlines but not in legitimate headlines, similar to email spam filters.

The system identifies posts that are clickbait and which web domains and Pages these posts come from. Links posted from or shared from Pages or domains that consistently post clickbait headlines will appear lower in News Feed. News Feed will continue to learn over time — if a Page stops posting clickbait headlines, their posts will stop being impacted by this change. This means that if you’re a spammer this new update will impact your page a lot.

The change aligns with Facebook’s recently announced “News Feed Values”, which focuses on “Friends and Family Come First”.

To help publishers Facebook has posted some tips on how to avoid click bait. Facebook advises that publishers avoid omission of important information to trick readers into clicking, like “You’ll Never Believe Who Tripped and Fell on the Red Carpet…”.

We don’t post click bait and we always appreciate a new like on our page on Facebook. We rely on people like you.

Originally published at Digjitale.

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