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Welcome to the blog of dij [pronounced like ridge], a technology business started by Daniel Isaiah Jones.

For the inaugural blog post, we’ll dive into my personal path of creating dijital Technologies and the ventures I’m undertaking as I grow dij:

  • Make great software
  • Help others do the same

With these two similar but different goals, dij consists of dijital Technologies @ www.dij.io and dijital Academy @ www.dijitalacademy.org.

dijital Technologies makes great software for any platform using the now ubiquitous tools of the web: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Working in NodeJS, specifically MeteorJS, dij is able to bring web based experienced to any frontier. Currently operating as the business home for projects as well as freelance work, it will grow with other freelancers to collab on projects as well for additional freelance work. Head on over to dij.io to enquire about working with dijital Technologies to either build your own brand or work as a developer.

dijital Academy follows in my vein of educating and helping others. dijital Academy will be debuting later in 2016 as a program in Hardeman County, Tennessee to provide teenagers there with access to learn a skill and to have a productive avenue for their interests. I enjoy working with others and teaching and want to help build up my hometown and surrounding areas by getting them interested in tech. The program will build up from regular workshops to also include regular after school hours where the community can work on projects and be in positive creative space. Sign up to stay in the loop on updates as they come this year.

dijital Technologies
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