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2018 for the Pin: Pinterest’s Predictions For The Hottest Home Trends of 2018

Pinterest may be the home of epic DIY fails and where our weekend organization plans go to die, but it’s also the not-so-secret home of our favorite things. It gives us a unique glimpse into everyone’s dream home, favorite design trends, and longed for renovations.

Whether you plan on staging your next home in these Pin favorites or are keeping an ear to the ground for what’s turning buyers heads (and filling their boards) here are the top home trends people are “pinning” over right now on Pinterest.

Bigger is Better…for Wall Art | Saves for “big wall art” now up 637%

Okay, 637% is a huge number! It seems the world might be looking to fill up that blank space with more than just a name. Pairing this exaggerated trend with soon to be popular muted natural fabrics, mixed metals, and jewel tones is a easy way to welcome some gorgeous 2018 trends into your home. Go head, this season, it’s okay to think big!

Proudly Patterned Plants | Saves for “patterned plants” now up 533%

In 2018, even the plants will be a little extra. One look at these vibrant beauties and it’s easy to see why. Interest grabbers like the Rattlesnake, Prayer plant, and the striped Calathea not only add a spark of 2018’s coveted natural warmth, but are also surprisingly hard to kill. Thankfully, you don’t need a green thumb to get this fancy foliage to take root in your home this year.

Mixing Metals | Saves for “mixed metals” now up 423%

Using just one metal is so 2017 (apparently). The alchemical home trend has designers making unlikely partners of metals, finishes, and fixtures to create unique, one-of-a-kind spaces.

You Can Terrazzo Too | Saves for “terrazzo” up 316%

It wouldn’t be Pinterest without a (slightly) DIY trend making the list. Popular in the 70’s, this marble flecked surface was made traditionally by exposing chips of marble in polished concrete flooring. Terrazzo offers a freedom of expression, allowing designers to embed color schemes, highlight fixtures and basically funk up any surface. Luckily, you can get this flakey beauty in all things from tiles to vases to coasters (without the pesky do it yourself mess).

A Statement Above All The Rest | Saves for “statement ceilings” now up 310%

Looking to transform a room, maybe look to the ceiling! Statement ceilings are set to hit home in 2018. Hit the upside of your room with a bold pattern, refreshing color, and some feature fixtures for a room that speaks volumes about your 2018 style.

That Spa Life | Saves for “spa bathrooms” now up 269%

Who doesn’t love the lush lifestyles of resort living. It’s little wonder that luxurious resort-style spas have slyly made their way into our master suites this year. 2018 is the year we treat ourselves to a few more vacations…at home.

Bone Beautiful | Saves for “bone inlay” now up 207%

Beautiful to the bone, this 2018 home trend follows suit with the natural materials and bold patterns pinners are loving this year. Bring in the bone, and add a bit of flair with this modern take on a traditional classic.

See the rest of Pinterest’s Top 100 for 2018: https://www.pinterest.com/pinpicks/pinterest-100-for-2018/



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