Marketing | Elevated

This year, we’ve elevated our marketing game. Keeping in line with the progressive culture at Dilbeck Real Estate, we’ve reimagined our marketing materials and strategy to better represent our core values and traditionally modern approach.

New Signs of Life

For many years, the deep green of Dilbeck signage has dotted city streets, dominated real estate marketing, and been a presence in communities throughout Southern California. We’re proud of the heritage and history of our company, and the many successes Dilbeck Real Estate has experienced under the banner of green and yellow.

However, as we take our steps into a thoroughly modern infrastructure and look to pave new paths in the industry, we’ve reinvented ourselves once again with an eye to sleek and modern elegance.

Modern, Clean & Minimal Design

At the very heart of our reinvention is the unveiling of a new logo. Dilbeck Real Estate has long been synonymous with elegance, professionalism, and approachability.

Our new logo expresses the modern, professional, and streamlined approach we’ve undertaken. Refreshing our logo goes beyond revitalizing a legacy real estate company, but embodies the passion and ingenuity for which Dilbeck Real Estate is known.

Fresh Face. Fresh Cards.

Our agents embody the very best of Southern California as forward thinking, community minded, and skilled members of our fair state. We’ve sought to merge the classically elegant history of our company and associates, with the modern and minimalist brand newly established by our creative team.

Reintroduced and Rebranded Listing Materials

Our new listing materials include an elegant company-centered presentation book that represents the history, diversity, and professionalism of Dilbeck Real Estate and our excellent affiliates. This allows all of our agents the ability to benefit from the global reach, rich professional portfolio, and power affiliates we’ve amassed over nearly 7 decades.

Apart from our company-centered listing book, we’ve also released an agent Profile Book. Compiled and designed by our talented creative team, this book is prepared personally for each agent. The newly launced and rebranded Profile Book allows agents the opportunity to present a cohesive, professional image entirely unique to their experience, skillset, and personality.

Let’s Be Social Together

Social media is playing an increasingly large part in establishing and communicating a company’s identity. This year, we’ve refreshed and colorized our digital footprint with a focus on local entertainment and events, drenched in a uniquely Southern California color scheme.

We’ve decided to put the focus where it belongs, on the clients and communities we serve. By providing an entertaining experience, we tie real estate to real life, bridging the gap between the virtual and digital worlds.

Responsive & Relevant Website

As the online search for homes becomes a driving force in real estate, we’ve focused on bringing a first-in-class digital experience to our home buyers and sellers. A complete set of online tools, comprehensive search capabilities, and a wealth of local information makes our newly launched website a valuable asset to our current and future clients.

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