Our 2017…So Far

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

As a local institution, we’re secure in our service and reputation with our many clients and extended real estate family throughout Southern California. You can’t serve a state for nearly 7 decades without being fairly certain you’re
getting a few things right. But as a company, we’ve never been one to rest on our longevity and track record alone. We’re determined not to stagnate, but to innovate…and 2017 is our year of innovation.

This year, we’re putting a fresh face forward and unveiling a new look. Our new logo, marketing materials, and signage seeks to impart the streamlined and modern approach Dilbeck takes toward an ever-changing and highly-interactive industry. Our new mobile-optimized website unlocks the vast digital realms of real estate for our agents and our clients. At their fingertips is now a host of specialized local information, real estate resources, market trends and analysis, and a comprehensive list of available properties.

We’ve also been joined by some truly exceptional talent and had the good fortune to nurture some of our top producers to national and local renowned. With hundreds of clients this year alone, we’re proud to be producing some of Southern California’s most diverse, passionate, and supportive real estate agents.

At Dilbeck Real Estate, we’re making 2017 the year where long-laid plans come to fruition, technological boundaries are tested, and a vibrant future is ensured by the passion and hard work of our real estate family.


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