When Lambo? Price speculations on DIMCOIN and DIM TOKEN


Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not provide financial or investment advice. The reader is aware that there are special risks involved in dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency assets.

DIMCOIN investors might ask themselves what their DIMCOIN and DIM TOKEN are worth at the moment. For an explanation what DIMCOIN is visit my article about them HERE.

The easy answer is: Nothing. But there is a big “BUT” to that.

Let’s take a small detour defining what money is: Currencies are means of exchange. Nowadays most of those currencies do not hold an intrinsic value (you cannot melt quarters and sell the metal value of it). The value is defined by exchange and thereby by the market. You cannot exchange DIMCOIN or DIM TOKEN so far — thus they have no value. (Technically speaking you could: p2p — buts let’s ignore that fact for the sake of my argument).

So what could future values of the two be? I have calculated some very speculative numbers making coarse assumptions. The basis for my speculations is explained further down. Please be aware that the following guesstimates are oversimplified.


  • I linked the prices of DIMCOIN and TOKEN in these calculations (that might not be the case though).
  • The $0.01 Price is derived from the ICO price for DIMCOIN.
*Defined Goal on the DIMCOIN roadmap: “Have 1% share of the global trading done on DIM Ecosystem, list ecosystem on global stock markets and implement DIM ATMs. Expand operations to South America.”

The numbers above are based on the following assumptions

“Global trading” was translated into

  • Value of share trading: Electronic order book 2016 + Global FX Trading 2016 (252 Trading Days) [does not include derivatives, bonds, ETFs, etc.].
  • The “global trading” i took into account includes institutional investors.
  • The percentages in the DIM TOKEN calculations are always under the assumptions all transactions are p2p and all transactions are percentage wise split 50/50 between FX and securities.


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