The Idea

Your local community library as SaaS

This is a B2B concept. Imagine in your housing society, a group of individuals are willing to pay x$ per month against access to a set of journals and newspapers like Scientific American, Nature, New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc. The society uses this Library-as-a-Service (LaaS) and enables up to 500 residents to read selected journals and newspapers, against a monthly subscription fee. The 500 residents can then access the content over desktop or mobile apps of the LaaS.

We all know about DeepDyve (awesome service, by the way). Extend DeepDvye to include all magazines and newspapers also. By the way, this “common man’s DeepDyve” is another idea for a B2C startup, but its not even one of the dozen, so let it be.

What I am referring to is the SaaS avatar of this “common man’s DeepDyve.”

So while platforms like Medium are unbundling articles and putting authors in direct contact with their readers (and blockchain may soon unbundle even that), there might still be room for a bundling of these content bundles.

That’s it. One of the dozen.