Who Am I?

I don’t have a good answer to this philosophical question yet (maybe not ever — does anyone?), but I can give you a few details:

I am the author: Daniela, 26 years old. I am a Cell Biology graduate, currently working as a Science Communicator at Técnico Lisboa, in one of its many research centres. At the same time, I find myself writing a Master’s dissertation in Science Communication. Occasionally, I translate as a freelancer for the Amara On Demand project (sadly, not anymore!).

The story so far —

First, I was born. I was a special snowflake for most of my childhood — I’ve always wanted to be a scientist, as my great-aunt often reminds me — and then I grew into my charming personality. I’ve always been a bit overly enthusiastic about books and fantasy and sci-fi. Luckily, I found nice people who seemed to think that was cool then and, apparently, continue to do so…

The real question though, is what have I done in my life to make me someone who can talk about science lifestyle?

Well, I graduated in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of NOVA University, on the southern side of the Tagus River. After a year working as a Communications Consultant for Life Sciences, I decided to continue my studies with a Master’s degree in Science Communication. All throughout this period, and even before, I had a fondness for writing fiction, all of which lurks online, hidden under a pseudonym. I’ve been a blogger for little less than a decade, with very few publications signed with my own name. This blog sort of started as a way to change that.

In short, Dimensões Alternativas is not so much about what I know now, but what I will know in the future.

Other than that —

I like to learn continuously: I am the curator of a well-developed news and content feed, I participate in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), and I have started learning German. I inhale TED Talks. I find this thing called Internet fascinating, especially where it concerns information in the so-called post-truth era. I like to ponder media corruption and new paradigms for education. In Portugal, we need it. In short, as a very dear friend of mine says:

Verily, I like to think about things.

(OK, he doesn’t say ‘verily’, but I call storyteller’s prerogative.)

About Dimensões Alternativas

It means ‘alternate dimensions’ in an alternate language (my own).

This new (ad)venture is the product of several years of reflection and some moments of trial and error. Even now, this blog is not in optimal shape. (Will it ever be?!) *Insert nice quote about failure* In short, I have finally found the confidence and the will to share my reflections. Thus I invite you, dear reader, to share in the spoils and…

Of course, we will talk in the next articles!

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