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A publication for people who think science is cool, environment needs (our) help, and being alive is awesome! I have guests over to talk about different topics. As for myself, I write and I study, so expect some of that as well.

In September of 2016, I received a proposal from an environmental organization to join their team as a Communications Officer. It was the perfect opportunity for me, because I needed a job I believed in and I do believe in environmental conservation! The problem? I had to move to the middle of nowhere, Guarda. At the time, I did not have a driving license, I did not know anyone there, and I had never lived outside Lisbon for more than two weeks at a time. In addition, the public transportation from Guarda to Nowheresville — let us call it — happened twice a day, to or from Guarda, and never on weekends or holidays… That is, on the days I could visit home.

Naturally I decided to take up the challenge.

By accepting it, I realized that I had an excellent opportunity to launch the blog (or publication) I had been working on for some years. The positioning of this blog (or publication) had always been clear to me: Science Lifestyle. That is, to talk about science, environment and education, to live the science informally and with a personal touch, to experiment a bit.

The birth of (a star) Dimensões Alternativas —

This is a blog I have thought about for years, in a process touched by some moments of trial and error. Who knows if this is one of those cases! (It was.) So I decided to start slow, to talk about my experience as I moved to a village several miles away from the cosmopolitan city where I was born and raised.

It turns out this experience too was a trial and error situation, with an emphasis on ‘error’… The best bit? I am now back in Lisbon, working a fantastic job in a place full of old friends, studying things I’m passionate about, and working with wonderful people on several fronts! I have left my job as a Communications Officer, but the blog (or publication) remains.

In here, I talk about a little bit of everything. About my work and dissertation. About the things I do, read and see. About the people I meet. About public policies. I will publish some news and other newsy content. In short, this is a space for reflection and conversation, at least once a week!

Above all, I want to hear what other people think about current issues and my thoughts. So I’m counting on you, dear reader, in the next publications!

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