Jesus is an Influential

Mar 11, 2017 · 2 min read

Is this a piece about religion?Nope. So nothing prevents you from reading this. Jesus is an influential and Muhammad too.


The subject influentials keeps me busy. The phenomenon is still growing and growing, I can see it around me and hear about it every day.

It is easy to go with the flow and ride this wave of influentials, but I try to keep my feet on the ground. I tell myself that influentials are not THAT special and they actually were around for a long long time. We only just indentified them and labeled them.


Yes, influentials have existed for a long time, even when we didn’t know they were influentials. Anyone with a skill, great mind, charisma and in the position that he or she can reach people, is or was an influential.

But Dim tell me, who was the first influential, well that was…. JESUS!

Well was, he still is. When you are a believer he influences you every day! But, for what ‘brand’ Jesus is influencing… well GOD!

God has a product called “his word” and that he wants to proclaim. But, he is in heaven, and needed someone on earth to proclaim his word. And there was Jesus…

You can believe it or not, Jesus and Mohammed were crackling-good influentials, look what these guys have achieved! Millions of followers!


But why were/are Jesus and Muhammad so successfull, what is their secret? Well that is very simple and actually not a secret.

These men believed very strongly in what they did. The kept on endorsing the product again and again. And even when they were tempted by other propositions they kept faith.

In addition, God or Allah, did not contract these guys for the short term, but they have a long-term commitment with the product.
And it just works.

So fellow PR managers and Marketing managers, lets learn from this.

You can call me.

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