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Mar 5, 2017 · 3 min read

It always takes me a little time to write about these things. I’m not alone and there are obviously a gazillion others who have a better understanding of this matter, or at least they think they do. But still,a blog about WhatsApp Status.


I am not new to the Smartphone industry and I know that it is quite common that when there is a new smartphone everybody starts shouting that it looks like the iPhone. And that is of course not done, because you should always be original.
At least that is the opinion of the purists who do not know that the chance you come with something original is very very small. And let’s be honost, most of the time the similarities with the iPhone are far-fetched.

In the social messaging industry we do not need to discuss the matter if something is copied or not. Because the Snapchat-invention is copied without any shame. One does not even bother to deny it.


With Instagram Zuckerberg Inc. has already integrated a successfull clone of Snapchat. Let’s be honest, It works better, faster and has required an active user base very fast.

But even WhatsApp (also owned by Zuckerburg and friends) was not safe and had to have its own Snapchat clone. Some people were extatic as if the holy grail was found. I say “Nope.”


On the contrary, it is the most idiotic addition to WhatsApp that is ever been done, Yes even dumber than the fucking checkmarks.

“Appen” (that’s how we call sending a message with WhatsApp in the Netherlands) you do with everyone, not only your friends but also relatives and not to forget all your business contacts.
The idea that you will show your contacts what you are doing with a Snapchat-like feauture is a stupid idea.

Why?. With WhatsApp you have the youth that is otherwise very difficult to catch. And then you, Facebook, are going to ask them to show every stupid thing theu do on WhatsApp so the whole family can witness their stupidity?

This is precisely the reason that the younger generation turned their back on Facebook. Everyone is there, especially the ones you don’t want to not know what you do all day when you’re out of sight. The youth doesn’t want to be where the un-cool (read: family) are.


Of course you can adjust the settings to who can and can not enjoy your Status excesses. But you really think I or anybody else is going to check his 3000+ contacts (in my case) to select it?

Facebook has also tried this on its own platform. But unfortunately nobody I know has created seperate groups on Facebook, too much work, too much thinking.


I am not “Mr Know it all”. But what if you do want to make a change or expansion on WhatsApp consider the ‘company profiles’. They will pay a lot of money for that because EVERY company wants to be there.

You cabngive the user the choice of whether-or-not to follow a brand. They are in control, if they choose not to follow the brand they will not be bothered by spam or notifications.
But if they DO follow the brand you know you have a very loyal costumer in your reach. WhatsApp is a very private environment and people asking a company to be part of that, yes my friends..that is the holy grail.

You can call me. Bye.


van Dim


van Dim


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