Destiny — Private Crucible matches and tournaments

One much requested feature from the Destiny Community over the past couple of years is Private Matches — the ability to create and play custom Crucible rounds against your friends. With Rise of Iron, Bungie once again show they have their ears to the ground by implementing a feature from the Community Wishlist.

The fireteam leader will be able to select the game mode, map, score and time limit, whether or not light level makes a difference (à la Iron Banner), and what time of day the match will take place.

Although unlikely to appeal to the entirety of the Destiny player base, this does open the door for Bungie’s follow up announcement — Competitive Licensing. In short, this allows organisations to apply for a license to host a Destiny tournament, subject to a number of conditions regarding total value of prizes and rules around broadcasting and merchandising.

Nonetheless, this could lead to Destiny ultimately getting its feet wet in the world of eSports. The introduction of Private Matches isn’t suddenly going to propel it front and centre with big hitters like CS:GO, Halo 5 or Overwatch, but it’s a step in the right direction and could mean we start to see some of Destiny’s top players competing for big prizes.

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