Introducing the Nike NBA Connected Jersey

All new Nike NBA Swingman and Authentic version jersey’s will now come with an NFC tag which will give you next-level access to athletes and exclusive offers.

You will need an iOS or Android (Android devices with NFC capability running 4.2 or newer; iPhone 7 or newer) device capable of downloading opening the NikeConnect app… and the relevant free NikePlus profile. Then, just tap your smartphone on the tag at the bottom of your jersey to unlock:

· NBA highlights

· Exclusive gear

· Epic experiences

· NBA 2K18 boosts, Spotify playlists and more…

Introducing the Nike NBA Connected Jersey


It also looks like Nike have covered all bases. Because of player trades a fair number of jerseys actually leave the factory without a name/number assigned. These ‘blank jerseys’ will have the name/number added later, either at a local factory or even in a retail shop. Your ‘blank jersey’ may not look any different to a ‘regular jersey’ — unless you choose to customise it with your name, for example.

This means you will need to select which player from that team you’d like to follow in the Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience, which is why you were presented with a list of players from that team.

Meaning, if you wish to support the 13th man sitting on the end of the bench for the Nets then this shouldn’t be a problem.


It may feel like a bit of a gimmick… but I think the NBA Connected Jersey will be a real hit. NBA jerseys aren’t cheap and this will keep you entertained on the bleachers or waiting at the bus stop to head to the game. Good work Nike.

It will be interesting to see what sport picks this up next.