We at Requested would like to consider ourselves modern foodies. And while our palates range far and wide, it’s always fun to keep up on emerging trends in the culinary world. Not to mention it makes us feel really hip. After reading up on what the experts had to say, here’s our list of favorite foodie trends heading to a menu near you.

Fish Face Poke Bar

Poke (pronounced po-kay) is a Hawaiian comfort food that is making it’s way to the mainland in a big way. This style of raw seafood salad has expanded from the traditional (ahi marinated in soy and sesame) to a myriad of combinations, flavors and ethnic influences. And seeing as the West Coast is the best coast, Pokerias have been popping up from Seattle to LA. Here in Sacramento, we’ve said ‘aloha’ to several new poke places including our favorite: Fish Face Poke Bar.

Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co.

Ok, obvi vegetables aren’t a new thing. However, more and more restaurants are taking veggies off the sidelines and into the starring line-up. And just like the nose-to-tail movement that took off a few years ago, be on the lookout for ‘root-to-stem’ dishes with chefs utilizing the entire vegetable including the tops, trimmings and other parts traditionally thrown out. Given that Sacramento is the ‘Farm to Fork Capital of America’, we are primed to be at the forefront of this veg-tastic movement. Yes, peas.

The Porch Restaurant

Yes, veggies are coming on strong… but carnivores can rejoice because fried chicken is about to take flight in new ways across the nation. While Southern-style still reigns supreme, creative and ethnic variations are on the rise with innovative takes and bold flavors. Experts say it’s an emerging obsession, but we’ve always been enamored with the crispy bird. So yeah, this trend is pretty awesome.

It seems that people are catching on… not all spice is created equal, and heat doesn’t always need to scorch your taste buds and make you cry. ‘Spicy’ can also mean unique flavors and cultural experiences. Some spice stars making their way into American menus include Korean gochujang, Indoneisan sambal, Thai curries, Japanese togarashi and Ethiopian berbere. To that we say, bring on the HEAT!

New Helvetia Brewing Co.

Good news for brew buffs, the craft beer ‘trend’ is here to stay, as breweries continue to pop up across the nation. Word is, trends in beer this year will include culinary-inspired flavors (think New Helvetia Brewing Co. Imperial Chocolate Porter made with Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate), and coffee/beer collabs which brings new meaning to the term ‘buzzed’.

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