Break the ice, virtually.

Mira Sydow
Jun 10, 2020 · 4 min read

How to make a good impression and win people over.

It takes a glance to decide whether they like you and although this ten-second glance cannot justifiably be an accurate personality analysis of your character, this first impression leaves a lasting memory of how other people who you interact with perceive you.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, a metaphorical phrase that implies that I shouldn’t proclaim the worth or the value of something by its outward appearance alone.

Is it easier to chat with someone new via text as oppose to meeting new people on a video call? I’ve had a look at dating platforms and wondered whether something missing. Is looking at someone’s profile enough to measure whether I could connect?

Dating apps like Tinder, promote a happy ‘swipe life’ where I can decide instantly based on someone’s profile whether I’d swipe right. This instant gratification of potentially matching with someone whose profile made a good first impression online is daunting and for many it makes them feel validated. Perhaps, this eases the pressure of asking someone out at a bar and fearing rejection because it’s easier than making the first move virtually.

OkCupid uses a different onboarding approach; I answered several values-based questions regarding my particular habits and interests and could select whether my ideal partner would feel the same. I also had the option of ticking whether it is a tie-breaker by declaring it to be important to me. I only saw potential suitors in my feed who fit the mold I created. My answers ultimately formed part of my online profile for potential suitors to see.

DINE4SIX, an innovative platform brings single people together with the ‘no strings attached’ perspective, I met six single individuals on a group video call and we all interacted and conversed collectively. I noticed that this shifted the focus entirely to the conversation as opposed to physical appearance and made it feel like a more organic encounter.

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for or how each of these platforms makes you feel.

Social etiquette is key to making a good first impression with other users over a video call. At this present moment, DINE4SIX hosts all their themed events without providing users access to see other diners’ profiles. You never know who you could meet during these experiences and having attended a few of these virtual events, I’ve met Associate Attorneys, Business Execs, Entrepreneurs, Project Manager, Chartered Accountants, Architects, and Social Media Moguls extending my social circle and so can you.

Sometimes you know the connections you’re looking for and sometimes you don’t know the connections you may need.

I have a few tips regarding rules of engagement online; arriving early and being courteous showcases that you value the other guests’ time and is the first step towards making a good first impression.

Having an open mind and a positive attitude is some most appealing characteristics. Also, everyone wants to chat with the most radiant and positive people at the table. With these virtual events, be courteous and mindful and allow everyone an opportunity to express themselves too.

Be presentable! It is easier said than done when we’re predominantly working from home. We don’t want our go-to sweat pants making a guest appearance during the video call, especially when everyone else went out of their way. Put your best foot forward, have a warm smile and you’ll go far.

The most important thing is to be yourself, everyone wants to meet confident individuals and although this is not a business interview, this is a wonderful way for you to unwind and converse. Let your authentic self shine and you’ll gain everyone’s trust and respect.

Get ready to put your best foot forward and make meaningful connections with people near you. Book your seat using the promo code: MingleJune to receive a 50% discount off your first experience.


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