Jonathan Goodchild
Oct 24, 2018 · 2 min read
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We know that meeting new people can be a little scary. That’s why DINE4SIX is doing something a little different this Halloween! We’re giving you 20% off any one of our social dining experiences if you book before October 31st! Just use our hidden promo code, well… That is, if you can find it! Follow DINE4SIX on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and look to the shadows… You’ll see the Halloween promo code hidden somewhere in a pinned image, or a story.

Join of our upcoming social dining experiences and meet new people while indulging in delicious, and satisfying menus. Book one or two seats at any one of our social dining experiences made for six, and use the hidden promo code to redeem your 20% when you make your booking.

Saturday night will bring us to the IT Themed Halloween Dinner at The 41 Restaurant in Camps Bay.

Meet new people as you sit down to a 3-Course Menu followed up by a DJ on the Decks as you BOO!-gie down the night.


From 9, guests will enjoy a complimentary bottle of Cruz Vodka with mixers. Get your freak on with the devilish DJ René, The French Man who will make you rattle your bones all night on the dangerous Dance Floor with some of the best Old-School Disco hits ever!

Don’t forget the promo code is hidden across all our social media channels. So don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find it. You can still apply the code to November DINE4SIX experiences that are currently available until the end of October.

Trick or treat!
the DINE4SIX team.

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