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Sleepless in Sandton?

Dine-in and stay connected this Fall with DINE4SIX.

You’re wondering whether this is the spin-off of the blockbuster hit ‘Sleepless in Seatle’, it’s not, we don’t have the budget to bring you 90s stars like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan to an event. We do, however, have Single’s events curated for you, where you can choose the age group and theme you fancy to meet new people online.

We’ll be your Jonah and play cupid to keep you connected during these interesting times. We know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch, there is none. We host singles tables daily, so we can bring a smile to your face through conversation and shared virtual dining experience.

Staying connected and showing a united front is pivotal, especially if we want to stay motivated, learn more about ourselves, and grow our social community. What better way to do this, then lending an ear and having an open mindset to an event where breaking barriers one-call at a time can inspire you to network.

Wonder what the silver lining is? You’ll learn that there are so many people who have similar interests waiting to meet you. We hope we can propel your journey to love and fulfillment one virtual dining experience at a time.

We bring people together over a shared experience.




A fresh look on dining, socialising and food.

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Mira Sydow

Mira Sydow

Product Specialist for DINE4SIX

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