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The way the cookie crumbles.

We don’t need to remind you that this has been and forever will be a challenging year that we will never forget. It has been a rollercoaster with highs and lows for everyone and we have all felt the tremendous change collectively. Sometimes in life, you have to risk it to get the biscuit and as a business, we can proudly say that we dug super deep into the cooking jar to keep us together during this time apart.

Our journey in the dynamic startup environment, similarly, has much been an extended roller coaster ride throughout the last 3 and a half years within the social dining industry across South Africa and abroad respectively. We’ve experienced great victories whilst making so many new friends throughout our experiences along the way.

When the pandemic struck South African shores, we needed to find an alternative way to keep giving you social experiences which you could attend from the comfort of your own home. To ensure your safety we’ve postponed our social dining experiences at our restaurants and replaced them with virtual tables where you still have an opportunity to grow your friendship circle whilst playing your part to flatten the curve.

Sadly, our cookie jar is running low and we’ll be using our last few cookies to continue hosting virtual social dining experiences. We’ve received so much positive feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our platform to make it even tastier. After internal discussions with the team and our focus group diners, we have decided to take time out to focus on implementing your feedback. We will return in the near future with an improved recipe for success, some chocolate chip sprinkles and vanilla icing for your perusal.

We are honoured to have inspired a community of foodies and provide the first step for people to get out of their comfort zones and meet new people. In 2019 our social dining experiences contributed over a quarter of a million rand to restaurants around the country in food costs alone. We can’t take credit for our contribution without thanking you! On behalf of the DINE4SIX team, we would like to thank you for your loyal support to our platform and restaurant partners, without you we wouldn’t have enjoyed this ride as much as we have.

A special thank you to Amit Ramdath, who holds the vision and tenacity to give this platform the springboard it deserves. Our incredible CEO allowed our team to investigate the possibility of creating social connections through the dining industry. A mentor and a leader who knew exactly when to slap the spinning coin and reach a decision when we were unsure. Thank you, Amit for affording us the privilege of bringing your vision to life and letting us have limitless dreams.

If you are keen to meet like-minded people near you, then don’t miss out on an opportunity to forge new connections with our ‘keep it in your city’ events this Festive Season. Grow your friendship circle and network with professionals near you. Book your seat at the virtual round table and dine in the clouds.


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