Do Trivial Work Drive HR Crazy?

Sep 13, 2018 · 4 min read

“I am quitting my job!”

My roommate, Mary, yelled as she just got home from work around 9pm last night.

I was confused. Everything was normal this morning. She was upbeat and cheerful only 12 hours ago. What happened? Mary’s burst of emotions as she came into the door slowly turned into tears. As her roommate, I comforted her.

From her venting, I finally understand what made her so upset.

Mary is a Human Resource Generalist (HRG), she has been working at the company for three years. She is the only HR staff in the company and has been doing everything, including trivial matters such as taking attendance of each employee and sorting out employees’ information.

“I always arrive earlier than everyone else. I leave later than everyone else. I’ve been trying my best to make the working environment better. But my manager, which is the business owner, feels I’m wasting money. 3 years, I don’t know why I’m still there!

“The endless conflict between the staff and the company, I am always the person that is blamed. Last week, I had to let a staff go on behalf of the business owner, and the he even blamed me.”

Mary’s manager in my mind

Our business owner is very generous on marketing and development’s budget, but when it comes to the training cost which I believe every staff can benefit, he always turns me down.

“He believes I can do the trainings without the budget. He feels that’s something they can do on their own. This is not how training works. I often heard complaints from staff that they can’t grow here. “

Hearing all this, I asked her, “what is your job descriptions? HR is a core role in a company. Why are you having such a bad relationship with your manager? It seems he doesn’t trust you. ”

“I am swamped… Forms, attendances, help get applications approved from our manager, and even minor administration stuffs are all with me. I feel like a clerical staff and not an HR.”

“HR should be a core role in this company. Every business owner expects that HR can partner with other teams and provide intrinsic value. If you spend too much time on trivial things, you are weakening the true value of an HR role.”

Mary just shook her head and said. “ These trivial things need to be done. There is no way I can get an assistant for such trivial things.”

“A smart office savy worker knows to take advantage of tools to help improve efficiency”

“ Let me show you something. This is a software my company is using. It’s called DingTalk. ”

DingTalk — Organization Chart

“It’s an all-in-one mobile workplace. For you, Attendance function can do all of your minor trivial work. You don’t need to collect and count the attendance. Everyday, DingTalk can give you and your manager a quick status update. With just one click, staff can easily clock-in once they arrive at the office. And you can export data every month. Even when someone applied for a leave, it will automatically have integrated with monthly data. “

DingTalk — Mobile Attendance

“Since you mentioned training. DingTalk has a live stream function. You can lower the training cost, because you can just invite a speaker and do online trainings. You can even take advantage of this function, invite certain employee to do internally sharing.

“Wow, that really sounds interesting.” Mary replies, “but how much it will cost the company? You know my manager is unwilling to pay for such things.

“It’s FREE. And register now you will get free training, chance to visit Alibaba Campus.”

“I mean, it has powerful basic functions, like mobile approval and attendance free of use. You can explore it. I believe your company and you can really benefit from it to improve efficiency. “

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Use DingTalk to achieve the maximum productivity and efficiency in your office.

  • Internal and External contacts are organized and maintained that will help you to keep the company’s data and information secure.
  • Mobile Attendance and Approval function that helps you to sort out the complicated paper trail and admin works. Don’t let paperwork and procedures slow down your business.
  • Quick and easy file collaboration on Ding Cloud, which integrated company chats, making sharing files between colleagues even easier. Free 100G storage for every registered organizations.


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