Why did Alibaba bring DingTalk to CES?

Alibaba is coming to CES 2018 to present DingTalk alongside the company’s’ wide array of product platforms and services. CES represents the perfect stage for Alibaba to introduce DingTalk to the world as part of DingTalk’s aspirations to make serious in-roads into the global team-collaboration software market. Domestically, DingTalk is the major provider of team-collaboration software to SMEs, recently having passed 100 million users. When DingTalk CEO Wu Zhao met Google executives, one said “Google has several billion user products, what do you have?” While at the time Zhao could not respond, the billion-user mark is certainly possible in the future give the rate of DingTalk’s growth in such a short period. 2018 represents a landmark year for DingTalk as it will be the start of DingTalk’s international expansion.

DingTalk’s goal is to be the global leader in “Smart Offices”. DingTalk view the smart office as a modern day working-place that deploys technology in the form of software and hardware alongside staff to create a highly efficient working environment. DingTalk occupies a unique position in the team-collaboration software industry in the fact that not only does the company provide software to its users but also hardware that integrates with the platform.

At CES DingTalk will be showcasing the following:

M2 Smart Receptionist
DingTalk’s M2 is Smart Receptionist hardware that can be utilized for staff attendance and access to offices. The M2 is a powerful identification system, it has the ability to identify up to 3 employees at a time in 0.6 seconds, amidst differing light conditions and up to 3 metrics of distance. The system also stores up to 3000 different fingerprints of staff members. The M2 synchronizes with DingTalk’s staff attendance management feature in order to provide real-time data and security.

C1 Communications Center
The C1 Comminications Center is a smart wireless router that can be deployed across a total of 256 units. The C1 is processes on-demand distribution for the network and performs intelligent flow control. In terms of performance the C1 has 50Hz and a 2.4Hz dual-band, a maximum wireless rate of up to 1266Mbps.

DingTalk download link: https://www.dingtalk.com/en/download