US Alumni Golf Open

Golf, a great and noble game, involves the need for endurance, precision, and mental focus. However, beyond the needed skills set and training one must hone to actually ‘win’, golf goes beyond that. Rather, just like what world renowned American golfer Arnold Palmer once said, “success in golf depends less on strength of body, but more on strength of mind and character.” The game of golf brings about life values of patience, acceptance, and perspective. The game simply serves well as an escape for individuals to relax, unwind, and simply enjoy others company.

Hence, on March 30, 2017 at the Wack Wack Golf & Country Club, the Kellog Northwestern Alumni Club, Wharton Penn Alumni Association, and the Harvard Club of the Philippines collaborated in providing a getaway for their alumni by having the first US Alumni Golf Open.

Committee members of each association namely; Barbee Chudian, Luis Esquivias, Lawrence Tiu, and Timothy Sy of the Kellog Northwestern Alumni Club; Carlos Baniqued, Lindy Castillo, Peter Coyiuto, Peter Coyiuto of the Wharton Penn Alumni Association; and Anthony Abad, Carol Dominguez, and Sylvette Tankiang of the Harvard Club of the Philippines, met every Thursday of the previous three months in preparation for the big event.

Preparing for such event was definitely not an easy feat. An almost seemingly endless agenda of coordinating with sponsors, determining logistics, and every other little detail did not go unnoticed. Until finally, all was put to the test on the day of where all the hard work would piece together.

As the day began with golf participants slowly filling the halls of the banquet room of the country club, golfers were seen lurking around either near the registration table, near the buffet tables for brunch, or even near the sponsor booths. Soon after, all were called to head on down to the green for the ceremonial tee off.

The US Alumni Golf Open hence officially opened with the ceremonial tee off at around 12 noon time, led by alumni members, Carlos Baniqued of the Wharton Penn Alumni Association, Al Panlilio of the Kellog Northwestern Alumni Club, and Robert Cokeng of the Harvard Club of the Philippines.

Later on, after around 5–6 hours under the scorching sun, the players began to arrive once again in the cool banquet halls, all fresh and hungry for some well deserved food, cocktails, and best of all, raffle prizes! By around 7pm, the program of the US Alumni Golf Open officially began as yes, I the emcee for the night, began to welcome all who were present before me. Furthermore, after my brief welcoming, Peter Coyiuto, the former president of the Wharton Penn Alumni Association was called on and shared with just exactly how strong his school spirit is.

Afterwards the program flowed through the announcing of the winners for minor raffle prize items like premium gift baskets, golf items, and gift certificates, the announcing for the winners of the golf tournament each awarded with glass trophies and gift certificates as well, and of course the announcing for the winners of the major raffle prize items. Major raffle prize items ranged from LED televisions all the way to the grand prize — gift certificates for Delta Airlines and Amanpulo Luxury Resort. All I can really say is congratulations to those who won, and that I am one jealous person to be the one only announcing that they have won.

As the program came to an end, it was clear to see that all those who were there were buzzing with joy — chatting, laughing, and dancing to the music of JohnC Syquia, aka DJ Penguin. Now that it’s all over, one may say that the US Alumni Golf Open truly was beyond just a game of golf, it was a day of camaraderie and joy.

Committee Members of the US Alumni Golf Open

About the author:

Kayleen Cheng graduated with honors from De La Salle University- Manila with a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies. Currently she is working as the club administrator of the Harvard Business School Club of the Philippines, where she coordinates among the alumni.