Who’s Cooking Dinner?

Meet the Creator of Dinner Table Chat

It all started from an idea based out of experience: “The most important problem of our time is the political divide in the US and around the world, and the ideal solution has always been conversation… to relate our knowledge and experience with others. However, this doesn’t seem possible with our current generation of social networks.”

Jonathan Dunlap is not an investor, Ivy League student or former Googler or Appler. More importantly he’s someone who’s genuinely interested in advancing social and political progress. Jonathan has lived across the country with 15 years in software ecosystems and has a deep interest in political philosophy and economics.

From Cereal City to Silicon Valley

Raised in the farmland of central Michigan, Jonathan picked up programming as a hobby while performing labor for the local farms. At age nineteen, he moved to Detroit for his first job in software development. Fresh in to the new millenium, Detroit’s tech industry hadn’t yet blossomed as it has today, so after exploring his way through the Motor City, Jonathan moved across the country to California to further his career and education.

Over time, he turned his rapt attention to detail on the physical world surrounding the digital one, paying keen attention to how California startups were constructed and managed. Over the last two decades, the political landscape continued to crack and fracture, and Jonathan noticed first-hand how political conversations were starting to degrade in his Michigan hometown and throughout the rest of the country.

Time is of the Essence

2017 was a year fraught with more political turmoil than ever in his generation; Jonathan would may be technically categorized as an Xennial, being born on the fringe of Gen X and Millennials. Having a coming of age along side technology rather than following it, he saw the social transformation initially created by social media. Those tools promised to connect us all and, in many ways, have actually widened the divide. He knew he could create something that was part of the solution. In January of 2018, he started Dinnertable.chat and started assembling a team. (Including this enthusiastic blogger from Detroit.)

He has a passion for helping people improve their ability to engage in politics by opening conversations up between political divides:

“To avoid a figurative and literal war within society, it is every citizen’s duty to first resolve their differences through authentic, open debate. Like voting, we all should strive to find the time and opportunity to do so. We often think voting is the most important civic duty, but rather, it is the act of listening, learning and debating that is more what our Founding Fathers would have wanted. Voting solely on self-interest from narrow perspectives undermines our democratic institution.”

Jonathan Dunlap’s vision for Dinnertable.chat is being brought to life with the support of a hand- selected passionate team from all over the map — geographically and professionally. Fitting that the creator of a new tool intended to blend perspectives would pull together bright, yet varied, minds to build the platform and the brand.

Now that we’ve met for an appetizer, stay tuned for the main course as we talk more about the platform details in the next post!

Follow the countdown to real conversation at dinnertable.chat