DINNGO Exchange Beta Launch Is Here

We are very thrilled to announce that DINNGO team is all set to release the closed beta testing of DINNGO Exchange on the 23rd of January, 2019, which will be exclusively accessible to selected testers. To sign up for the testing, please visit the page here.

As we strive to tackle the core issue of crypto trading: the inconvenience of having to sign up to multiple exchanges, the uneasiness of owning cryptos scattered amongst several potentially untrustworthy exchanges and all the missed investment opportunities caused by time lapses in transferring funds between different platforms, we are here to design a secure exchange where users can easily trade between cryptos and fiat currencies in one platform worries-free. Ready to see what features will be unveiled at our beta launch?

Features in Beta Testing

Trading/deposit/withdrawal interface

Limit price trading function

Integration with MetaMask wallet

USD deposit/withdrawal

Stablecoin pairings

Originally, our roadmap does not include the implementation of USD pairing as it involves a very complex process with governmental authorities and partnerships with banks. However, after conducting extensive users research, it was hard to ignore the market need of fiat to crypto trading. As our top goal is to design a trading platform with users in mind, we have our compliance and business development teams working tirelessly to add USD deposit/withdrawal upon beta launch. After months of continuous efforts negotiating between banks, multiple financial institutions and governmental authorities, we are excited to confirm the implementation of USD gateway into DINNGO Exchange.

Since most source of crypto trading liquidity comes from BTC, ETH pairing with USDT, it’s no surprise to see the birth of stablecoins. If you are also the early adopter of token economics like us or you’re one of generation Z who are long used to virtual payment and is inured to the crazy rise of stablecoins last year, we as a leading exchange in the crypto space by all means would support stablecoins pairings to provide as various trading options as possible to our users.

Adding USD gateways and stablecoins pairing features in 2019 Q1 is without a doubt a remarkable step towards crypto adoption. With the beta release, testers will be able to try out trading, deposit and withdrawal interfaces. All feedback and comments from testers will be implemented into the final exchange official version.

Bonus announcement!

All testers participating our beta launch will receive a surprise reward from DINNGO. Are you excited to sign up for the testing? Visit the page here to let us know!