A taste of Thai food in Berlin

Before the real thing, a sneak peek into Berlin’s beloved Thai Park food stales.

We had to try them all!

Who would know, a bit far away from all the Berlin chaos and touristic areas, one would find such a jewel.

A friend challenged us to come here before we move in to Bangkok so we would be able to compare with the "real thing"; otherwise we might have missed this precious little spot full of delicious thai foods and fun people.

Our view at the park

A great place to try out some homemade traditional thai dishes, and get to meet also some of the people behind them. It was great just walking through the stales and getting a little feeling of what's to come in Bangkok.

For more than twenty years the Thai community in Berlin has been gathering in this park celebrating their culture; some hungry visitors, who couldn't bare the amazing smell without trying, started the whole market scene in here, when they just asked if they could buy some of their food, long time ago, and it never stopped since.

This happens almost every weekend when the sun shines a little, so if you're in Berlin or just passing by, I strongly recommend this little gem as an off the beaten path discovery in the city.

I'll let you know how is the food compared to Bangkok in a just a few weeks ;)