Hollywood has a Problem with Diversity. Here’s how Blockchain can fix it.

Many people have commented on Hollywood’s problems with diversity, from the #OscarsSoWhite controversy to the continued issues of whitewashing roles originally created for people of Asian descent. While there has been some progress, such as the film Moonlight winning the Academy Award for Best Picture this past year, it has been slow and incremental. In these divisive times, it’s more important than ever that people can see, empathize with, and understand art created by a diverse group of people, yet the existing Hollywood system often prevents the creation of art from diverse voices. Part of the problem may be that the studio executives who hold the power in Hollywood are invariably white men, who have a natural bias towards seeing the stories of those who look like them portrayed on the screen.

Moonlight winning Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards was a small step forward for diversity in Hollywood

Given the clannish nature of Hollywood, and the concentration of wealth among a few studios, how can people of color break into films?

Dionysus Studios has designed an innovative system that allows previously untold stories from diverse people to make it onto the big screen. By leveraging the blockchain with the StudioToken cryptocurrency, Dionysus lets ANYONE fund films, regardless of how much wealth they hold. In a truly democratic process, the Hollywood studios no longer serve as gatekeepers; instead, the holders of StudioToken are empowered to act as decision makers, and the more StudioToken one holds, the more control a person has in the final decision. With enough StudioTokens, someone can even pitch their own film ideas and screenplays to be produced by the StudioToken community.

The best part? The film industry insiders will even negotiate distribution deals for the films that they produce, allowing a very wide audience to see these diverse stories that have not been shared before.