Dill Leaves & Parmesan Dip

Generally on Sunday evening’s we would prepare some snack at home as we would like to munch it when we watch movies in the tv. I would prefer to have them healthy rather than oily ones. Hence I would go only for the baked snacks. Dill Leaves, nuts, parmesan cheese are combined with yogurt and lemon juice. The ingredients are then blended into a dip consistency and served along with DIP Food’s Multigrain strips — Bajra.

Getting outside baked snacks is a bit challenging as most of them contains oil. Thanks to DIP Food’s they have a wide range of baked snacks. The one I am using in this bost is there Baked Multigrain Strips — Bajra. It goes very well with any healthy dip and today’s post is about healthy dip made out of Dill Leaves, melon seeds, cashew nuts, yogurt & a dash of lemon.

Dill leaves are naturally fragrant & flavorful when they are used raw and to get the crunchiness I added some nuts. Yogurt is needed for the semi solid consistency of the dip. Lemon of course gives a good sharp taste to the dip.