All you need to automate your hydroponic grow system

Introducing the Seedo, the world’s first fully-automated hydroponic grow system designed to specifically grow cannabis. Seedo is designed for the smart usage of space. Featuring intelligent technology with hands-free automation, Seedo delivers maximum yields using minimum living space & energy. A phone app is included with the Seedo, which sends you notifications on your plant’s status. In this article, we take a look at the following responses provided by Uri Zeevi, CEO of the Seedo.

What are the dimensions of the Seedo?

Seedo dimensions are 40״ x 24.4” x 24.4”

What is the story behind the Seedo?

The Seedo story starts with Michael, a technologist with a rare skill set in developing automated systems that simulate natural growing processes, and Jacob, a renowned agronomist with expertise in hydroponics. The two met in 2000 and worked together at a pioneering agro-tech company, which was the first to develop an automated hydroponic system for growing lettuce in independent containers. Michael continued his life-long quest to bring efficient automation to every day growing.

In 2014, Michael asked Jacob to help in the development a fully automated growing machine, only this time for home use. And so, the Seedo project began by digitizing and transforming Jacob’s vast knowledge in hydroponics into a self-contained automated home growing system. Throughout trials, our system delivers consistent top quality herb in minimum space and effort.

Explain more on the technology behind Seedo? There is no smell? How much does power does it take to keep operating in house/apartment?

Seedo has a patent pending LED lights system that goes up as the plant grows. This keeps the optimal distance for photosynthesis from the plant during every growth phase.

Seedo is also an airtight system, nothing goes in and nothing gets out, as a result, there is no leakage of smell, the climate control is extremely accurate and does not depend on the temperature outside. Germs or mites also cannot get in, so there is no need for pesticides.

Seedo is energy efficient and the average usage power consumption is 0.26 Kwh, meaning approx $30 per month in the US.

Who is the team behind the Seedo?

Uri Zeevi, CEO

Uri is an accomplished entrepreneur. He started his career as a retail specialist in Sabon NYC, where he played an active role in the company that has grown to become a leading chain in the NY cosmetic industry. In 2009, Uri was among the pioneers of the solar energy in Israel, installing tens of solar farms across Israel and Europe. Prior to Seedo, he served as VP of Business Development at a leading recycling company. Uri holds a BA in Business and Psychology from Baruch College in New York.

Yaakov Hai, Director of Agronomy

Throughout his career, he has taught numerous farmers how to grow for better results. His contribution since the 80s has had a big impact on the success of agriculture in Israel. In the 90s, Yaakov decided to focus his career on hydroponic growing. Driven by the fact that hydroponics is a science with clearly defined and controllable variables, he became increasingly curious to research the field. In 2000, Yaakov was a key developer at Agro-tech — the first company to leverage hydroponic technology to automatically grow lettuce in containers with no human intervention. Yaakov has been researching hydroponics and precision growing for over 20 years. He holds a degree in Agriculture and was honored for developing 5 new proprietary plant varieties.

Michael Maman, CTO

Michael started his career as a flying technician in the Israeli Air force. In 2000, he was the operational manager at a promising Agro-tech company, the first to grow lettuce automatically using hydroponic technology. For nearly two decades, Michael has dedicated his time and energy to develop and design automated systems that simulate and improve natural growing processes.

Eli Schnaider, VP of Manufacturing Operations

Eli brings with him nearly twenty years of experience in manufacturing design and products management. His vast know-how covers all stages of manufacturing, including plastic injection, aluminum die casting, silicone compression and more. With in-depth analysis and understanding covering all production processes, Eli consults and manages a wide range of projects from the R&D stage to the final product. He holds a B.Sc. degree in plastic engineering.

Gilad Tal, Chief Designer

Gilad believes that everything should and can be designed intelligently with full environmental concern. In the past decade, he has been involved in wide range of design related aspects and processes, including concept, 3D visualization, product, Web, and app.

To learn more about the Seedo, visit!

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