How to sponsor during the holidays — and still keep your friends and relatives.

You’re at a party or family get-together over the holidays. The conversation is positive. People are in a good mood. What a great time for a presentation about your Direct Selling (Network Marketing) business!

You set up a flip chart at the end of the table and say:

“Now that you are all here, let me tell you about my business opportunity.”



So there must be an easier way to help your friends and relatives want your opportunity, right?

How about this.

Why not say something such as:

What happens?

Many of the people listening will be thinking, “Hey, I feel that way too!”

And now you have open-minded people to continue the conversation with during your holidays. It is a lot easier when you are talking with people who have suddenly become self-motivated, looking for a change in their lives.

— Tom “Big Al” Schreiter
Mastermind Event Presenter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has over 20 million books in print. Several million distributors have seen him present live on stage in over 60 countries.

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