Strive For The Top

‪Is the notion that “Only the people at the TOP make the most money” unique to the Direct Selling profession? Or is it true for nearly all professions?‬

And if it’s true for most professions, why is it considered a bad thing by some people?

Chris Brady burned hot on this topic at the Mastermind Event​.



If you’ve ever heard people take shots at the Direct Selling profession with statements like, “Only the people at the TOP make the most money, so it can’t be legitimate” or “Well, 80% of the people make very little money, so it MUST NOT be legitimate,” then you’ll love this video.

Chris Brady shares THREE distinct reasons why those statements make little sense. And all three reasons also validate why the Direct Selling profession is a great option for so many people.

We took 4-minutes from Chris’ talk where he covers all three points, and put them into a video so you and your team can start using all three right away.

Pay it forward. Share this video with your team.

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