Voice First Tech is Coming…

Get Ready: Voice First tech will affect nearly every aspect of your Network Marketing business

I’ve seen the future — 
I recently got back from New York City, and boy do I have a story to tell. It’s about a topic you’ll be glad you paid attention to now, before most of the world starts paying attention to it a year or two from now. You’ll have an unfair advantage.
As you probably know, in addition to Direct Selling (Network Marketing), I’m actively involved in the tech world, Silicon Valley, and spending time with those who help create the future.
And for the last two years I’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s called “Voice First” technology — the shift from “finger-input devices” to a world where “voice” becomes the prevalent way of interacting with apps and companies in “the cloud.”

Voice First Smart Speakers

Think podcasts, voice assistants, and smart speakers like the Amazon Echo. Think voice activated appliances like fridges and lights. Think placing orders using only your voice. Think search. Did you know that 1 in 4 Google searches are already made through voice?

Voice First means social, ads, branding. Think disruption. And that’s just the beginning. Voice will become ubiquitous: it will be all around you and accessible at all times, from in your home, to when you walk, to when you are in your car.

Now, I already had a deep understanding of Voice First tech, the equivalent of a university degree. But I needed to go deeper, I needed to get the equivalent of an MBA in Voice First tech.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Kristin Lemkau (CMO of JP Morgan Chase)

So my wife Ann and I packed our bags, and jetted to New York for a few days. I attended the first ever “Voice First” event in the world, called VoiceCon. I learned insights and case studies not available *anywhere* else, all while making top-level connections in the world of Voice First.

The next few days I visited nearly a dozen companies that are spear-heading Voice First technology, from super innovative start ups to massive companies like SAP ($136 Billion market cap), from true thought leaders in the space to the Venture Capitalists backing them.

Matt Hartman (Venture Capitalist active in Voice First tech), Ann Rosenberg (Global Head of SAP), Dave Isbitski (Chief Evangelist Amazon Echo), Kenneth Finnegan (CIO of Hudson Yards, smart city)

So, what does this have to do with YOU?

Everything. Voice First tech is coming, and coming really fast. As an entrepreneur, you HAVE TO get AHEAD of the curve. As a Direct Seller (Network Marketer), Voice First tech will affect nearly every aspect of your business.
Here’s the GREAT NEWS. I will be taking everything I know related to the Voice First movement, curate it, make it easy to understand and put it directly into context for everyone in the Direct Selling (Network Marketing) space.
 • How can we use Voice First tech now?
 • Who’s using Voice First tech in the Direct Selling space? And how?
 • What’s coming next? How will it impact how we do our business?
 • How can Direct Selling companies use Voice First tech? (It’s in a lot more ways than you may think!)
 • How can you take FULL advantage of Voice First tech to get a jump on everyone else — and make 2019 your best year ever?

The “Voice First” Sessions at Mastermind Event 2018!

I will cover all of this in a General Session at this year’s Mastermind Event. PLUS I’ll be doing an exclusive interactive “XPerience Session” on Voice First tech, how to build your first Voice First app without needing to know how to write a single line of code, what are the “must have” Voice-First apps for Network Marketing entrepreneurs, hands-on learning, and more!

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Spending time with Ann Rosenberg (Senior VP and Head of SAP Global, runs operations in 180 countries with a market cap $136 Billion, the largest global enterprise company in the world) — what’s their slogan going into the future?
“No Devices, Just Voice.”
 Yes, a Voice First world is coming FAST!

Kicking it with Gary V — he is ALL IN on Voice First.

Breakthroughs happen at The Mastermind Event.

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• How to make your photos look amazing! Hands on class on what photo apps work best, short cuts on how to master them, how machine learning makes things even easier– practice and go live with your photos during this Xperience.
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 — Art Jonak
 Mastermind Event Presenter

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