The “What’s Your Biggest Problem?” Approach

While having lunch with his friend David, Mastermind Event presenter Tom “Big Al” Schreiter learned a fabulous opening sentence that can help nearly anyone get an appointment with a prospect. He says:

“What is your biggest problem?”

The prospect will tell David his problem. And then David says:

“We can help you with that.”

That’s it. Short, to the point, and effective. And can’t your Direct Selling opportunity or product help solve people’s problems?

If the prospect says his biggest problem is:

  • “I can’t make enough money where I work.”
  • “I don’t have enough time for myself.”
  • “I hate commuting an hour each way to work.”
  • “It seems I never have enough time for my children.”
  • “I hate my job.”
  • “Nobody appreciates my work.”

Can’t your opportunity solve these problems? Your simple reply would be:

“We can help you with that.”

Now you have your prospect’s immediate attention.

―Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Mastermind Event presenter

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