Why “Small Wins” Matter Most

If you develop a culture of recognizing small wins as BIG wins, your Direct Selling business could thrive in a BIG way.

Ever wonder how top leaders create a “Winning Culture” on their team? One key is to recognize the “small win as a big win.”

If you develop a culture of recognizing small wins as BIG wins, your Direct Selling business could thrive in a BIG way. Mastermind Event presenter Darnell Self is a master of cultivating this concept in his team culture, and in this quick 3-minute video he shares how it works.

After watching this Mastermind Moment with Darnell Self, most people begin recognizing the small wins on their teams… and their business grows faster! Help your team do the same by sharing this video with them.


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For your convenience, below is a transcript of the video…

Sometimes we’ll have small wins along the way. It’s important that we recognize the small win as a big win. Here’s how it works.

So my son, when he was seven years old, played soccer — I know in some countries it’s called fútbol. I’m on the sideline as Dad, and I really want him to at least kick the ball once. And whenever the ball came his way, he ran the opposite way. This is embarrassing as a dad, by the way.

So I’m like, “Malik! Kick the ball! Malik! Go after the ball!” And he looks at me and he says, “Nuh uh.”

One day, the ball is up in the air and it comes down and it lands on Malik’s foot. Watch this, watch where I’m going. Malik kicks the ball!

Now, he didn’t kick the ball because all of a sudden he felt this urge in being a wonderful soccer player. He kicked the ball because all the other kids were running his way and he wanted to get the ball away from him. But when he kicked the ball, he set his teammate up for a score. And they all started jumping over Malik, giving him high fives, like he intentionally did this, right? And they’re like, “Man, that was awesome!”

You could see him, he was looking at me like, “I did it!” So without being disingenuous, I gave him a high-five and I said, “That was awesome!” I knew the reason why he kicked it, but I said, “That was awesome man, that was an awesome pass!” He was like, “Thanks Dad.”

Guess what? Three games later, he became the top scorer on the team for the rest of season. He needed a small win — he needed just a small — look, sometimes all you need is a small win.

If you’re used to making $300 per month and all of a sudden you bumped up to $1500 per month, that’s a nice small win. Perhaps you feel like it’s too small for you to even talk about. And this is what happens with our teammates.

Sometimes when they’re around folks that make $10,000 per month, $20,000 per month, all the big rock star type of money, they feel like their $500 per month is nothing to talk about, but the only reason people make $10,000 or $20,000 per month in our companies is because of a lot of people making $500 to $1000 to $1500 per month. Those people should be recognized just as much as the $10,000 per month person.

So what happens is, unfortunately, in a culture some have created, they reserve their applause for the big wigs when they walk in. And those are the folks who get the standing ovations and people are like, “Yes!”

Don’t reserve your applause just for the “big wigs.” Recognize new people just as much, if not more! — Tweet This!

When you think about it, if we want duplication to happen, we must recognize the new people just as much, if not more, than those who are already making the big money because those who are just getting started are your future millionaires.

Every millionaire I know in this profession started off somewhere, and they needed to be recognized for a small win. So there are future millionaires that somebody needs to high-five — turn to the person right now and at least give them a high-five and say, “Congratulations!”

Mr. Self has built a Direct Selling team of over 300,000 distributors and customers.

Darnell Self used to work at a shopping mall, then used Direct Selling as a way to climb out of the paycheck-to-paycheck life and become a multi-millionaire. Now he is the keynote presenter at events of 15,000 distributors, has 12 millionaires inside his organization and over 40 six-figure income earners. He did this all before he turned 40.

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