Clerks | Kevin Smith (1994)

Original storytelling from a fresh voice in the 90's.

When creating a black comedy, tone is everything. Characters, location, cinematography aspects, and dialogue all must be in favor of tone. This rookie debut by a “Jersey Kid” hits, the nail square on the head.

Kevin Smith weaves an subtitle yet powerful tale of the miscreant life of one convenience store clerk and the assorted and sundry characters he meets throughout the day. Each interaction piling on the dark humor. The directors choice to use vignettes throughout one long day’s shift is masterful piece of storytelling.

Each vignette pulls us further into the muddled lives of these clerks. There’s the gum salesmen who stirs up a mini riot between the teenage smokers. The duo drug dealers who offer the sagest advice. Even a horny dead guy.

Clerks is a 90 minute wild ride that shows you authenticity and comedy in film can arise from anywhere. Even from the local convenience store and a contemplative drug dealer.

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Michael P. Rekola | Filmmaker

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