#CripTheVote Is Coming To A Primary Near You!

The first ever #CripTheVote conversation took place on Twitter tonight.

Disability is America’s largest minority voting bloc. And we’re sick of being overlooked. So we’re coming together to demand progress. And jobs. And accessibility. And so much more…

The first ever #CripTheVote conversation will continue throughout tonight’s Democratic Debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And as I write this, I will be hosting the worlds soberest drinking game — every time a candidate mentions disability, I will drink.

13 Questions were asked and I will post one (or more than one) response to each question. It is my hope that you will check out the #CripTheVote hashtag or The Disability Visibility Project to read more in depth responses.

For information on the next #CripTheVote event, check out this link at DisabilityThinking.com. Americans with Disabilities are asking you to take a moment to learn about our needs.

Thank you.

P.S. We’re 42 minutes into this debate and I have not taken a sip of wine.