CBS/LCA2.0 Disability Visibility Hollywood Summit

CBS Corporate Diversity, CBS Entertainment Diversity and Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 (LCA2.0) announce Disability Visibility Hollywood panel discussion, flash mentoring and networking reception on Monday, April 3rd from 6:30–8:30 pm in North Hollywood, CA.

Deaf Film Camp Participant (Photograph Credit: Tate Tullier)

According to the 2016 Ruderman Family Foundation White Paper, 95% of television characters with disabilities are portrayed by non-disabled actors.

Underrepresentation of people with disabilities exists in ALL forms of traditional media, broadcast and entertainment, as well as emerging digital platforms in front of and behind the screen.

This stark underrepresentation contributes to a severe lack of professional media role models for youth with disabilities and perpetuates the myth of “invisibility” of people with disabilities.

That is why the Ruderman Family Foundation and Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 have issued the Ruderman TV Challenge to increase performers with disabilities in this year’s pilot shows.


Calling all colleagues, students, recent graduates and veterans with disabilities, faculty, corporate leaders, and friends! Help diversify the talent pipeline in front of and behind the camera.

EIN SOF Communications & Loreen Arbus Foundation — in collaboration with CBS Corporate Diversity and CBS Entertainment Diversity; Deaf Film Camp; DisBeat; Easterseals Disability Film Challenge; Inclusion Films Workshop; Meet the Biz; National Disability Mentoring Coalition; PolicyWorks; SIGNmation; and the Westside Center for Independent Living — proudly announce:

CBS Corporate Diversity and CBS Entertainment Diversity/Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0

Disability Visibility Hollywood Panel Discussion, Flash Mentoring and Networking Reception

Monday, April 3rd from 6:30 pm — 8:30 pm

North Hollywood, CA

CBS/LCA2.0 focus is to expand opportunities for aspiring media professionals with disabilities, with a panel of media executives and talent and networking opportunities with recruiters, employers, media professionals and mentors with and without disabilities. Confirmed employers and mentors include CBS executives, plus Berkeley Sound Artists, Deaf Film Camp, DisBeat, Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, EIN SOF Communications, Inclusion Films Workshop, KMR & Associates Talent Agency, Lifton Institute of Media Arts & Sciences, Meet the Biz, National Disability Mentoring Coalition, PolicyWorks, SIGNmation and USC School of Cinematic Arts. More employers and mentors are invited and will be added as they confirm.

…expand opportunities for aspiring media professionals with disabilities with a panel of CBS executives, talent and media professionals with disabilities, Flash Mentoring and a Networking Reception.

Picture of 12 participants from the White House Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 event held at Gallaudet University in December 2016. The group of aspiring media professionals with disabilities discussed networking and mentorship with the Co-Chair of the National Disability Mentoring Coalition.

We are calling on our network of students, recent graduates, and veterans with disabilities; disability services professionals; academic and corporate leaders to disseminate this announcement to all who may be interested in participating with a reminder the application deadline is 11:59 pm PT on Monday, March 27, 2017.

Interested applicants are asked to submit:

1) Application form

2) One-page personal statement

3) Resume

For the personal statement, applicants are asked to explain their interest in media and how their personal experience with disability makes them a good candidate for the Summit.

A panel of academic and media professionals with and without disabilities will select candidates to participate. All applicants will be added to our database for media employers to consider for LCA2.0 recruiting events, informational webinars, future internships, scholarships and apprenticeships.

Mentors from the LCA2.0 October 2016 event at John Jay College in New York City.

Please send questions and/or completed applications with the subject line “CBS/LCA2.0 Summit” to by 12:59 pm PT on Monday, March 27, 2017.

Thank you from all of us on the Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 Collaborative Team: EIN SOF Communications, Loreen Arbus Foundation, CUNY, CUNY Coalition of Students with Disabilities, CUNY LEADS, Deaf Film Camp, California Department of Rehabilitation, DisBeat, Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, Gallaudet University, Inclusion Films Workshop, Meet the Biz, National Disability Mentoring Coalition, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, NY Women in Film & Television, PolicyWorks, SIGNmation and Westside Center for Independent Living.

Image of LCA2.0 Team Logos
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