Apple Launches new MacBook

And of course is available in (B)Rose Gold

Picture Courtesy of Apple

The MacBook is Apple’s attempt to reinvent the modern notebook in the same way the MacBook Air did several years previously. Thinner, lighter and full of some of the challenges that come with that their MacBook had a lot in common with the MacBook Air when that was first released.

The new update will help with some of the issues faced by the first model and not with others. For one thing the new Skylake based processors should provide a bump in performance compared to the previous model which might help for people who felt the first one was just too slow. Another thing that Apple has addressed is increasing graphics performance by 25% compared to the previous model and increased memory speed as well. This should all add up to make the one of the key drawbacks of the old model much less of an issue.

Some things haven’t changed however, as there is still only one USB-C port on the device, requiring an adaptor for anyone who wants to do more than just charge the device. The Keyboard also remains the same which might be good for some who loved it but less so for people who are still in love with the chicklet keys of the MacBook Air.

None of the full reviews of the device are available however it seems like this one is closer than ever to making the MacBook Air obsolete, despite the fact that the Air also now comes with a standard 8gb RAM in the 13" model.

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