DISC 2017
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DISC 2017

View of Zurich from the ETH campus


  • we are trying to reach an audience that includes geoscientists who are connected with applications of EM, but may not themselves be EM geophysicists, so the potential value of learning about EM may not be evident.
  • for those who use electromagnetic on a regular basis, perhaps there is a perception that “fundamentals” == basic? Most geophysicists will have had course that involves fundamentals of EM and perhaps they feel that there is nothing further to learn.
  • …?

Day 1: DISC Course

Doug showing the DC resistivity app, participants of DISC Zurich, coffee break on day 1.
Lunch at the ETH Faculty club.

From the participants

  • “Very valuable, good overview and lots of case studies. Very good that you showed open source software / apps and put everything online → thanks for the effort! well done!” — PhD student at ETH
  • “Great explanation of the fundamental theory behind EM methods and a nice collection of real cases.” — Scientist at the Swiss Seismological Service
  • “It was a great and inspiring day, packed with a lot of material. It was a great compilation of theory, great educational numerical tools and instructive case studies. I especially liked the interactive python scripts. They are great to test intuitively and try things yourself. I will try them in my very own course!” — Joseph Doetsch, Scientist at ETH
Participants at ETH Zurich

Day 2: DISC Lab

EM decoupling (left). Coffee break (centre). Discussing EM data collected at a field school (right)
Lisbeth Langhammer
Joseph Doetsch
Peter-Lasse Giertzuch
Dinner with Hansreudi, Maggie, and Joseph following DISC Lab in Zurich.

A few adventures

Wandering around Zurich.
Hiking Grosser Mythen.
View from the top of Grosser Mythen.
Fondue dinner with Hansreudi and Maggie.




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