Not a good weekend for “productivity”

This weekend has been fun. It’s the first weekend since my wife arrived so we aimed to spend our time together and get out of the house.

We did a lot of things and had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately it meant that I didn’t make any progress with my Javascript learning. Or any of the other items on my list.

And it’s ok.

The discipline of action isn’t just about taking action on things that will make money. It’s about taking action on all aspects of my life. This weekend I focused on taking action on my marriage.

This is something that I am going to have to do more now. For the first three weeks of this discipline of action project my wife and I were in different countries. This meant that I could put all my focus into my projects.

Now that we are back together I need to balance where I put my energy. This balancing act is made harder by the increased work load from my current day job.

It’s a misconception that we have to be doing something that makes money to be productive. We can be hugely productive in other areas, especially our relationships.

These can be the relationships with our partner, children, parents, siblings or even friends.

We must spend time on being productive in our relationships. There is no point having all of the money in the world if there is nobody to share it with.

So while I may not have been productive in the generally understood sense, I have still had a very productive weekend.

05 Jun 2016 PPP


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  2. Memrise Swahili lesson
  3. Memrise Malay lesson

Plans for tomorrow

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