Trading Basics — Make Good Decisions

Trading stocks for a beginner is like President Trump’s 100 days, you keep punching orders hour after hour. The more you trade, the more chances of failure. How to plan ahead and make only few trades in a day. This article is about how you can put yourself in the shoes of a confident trader and you will find out how to make firm decision. All roads lead to Rome and all good decisions lead to profits.

Where can I get my market news? How much knowledgeable you are, the money flows to you easily. Confident man takes decision because he is well informed. Back in the day, you were assisted by brokers who wanted your money as commissions but now you must trust the internet. If someone is good, trust him blindly. Now it’s the era of internet, you ask it and you get it.

Google Trends

If you want to read the business news and the top news is what you are concerned about, then head to Google trends. You can find the news that has become viral and which has got circulated by most people. Choose the stock in the list to trade for the coming day since the news is well received by the crowd. If you enter a keyword in Google Trends, you can get all information like demographic trends and which city is popular.


This is an interesting tool where you enter a keyword and get the number of shares, likes for the article. You can get to know about the trends in the market. Enter the stocks name and you can get all the information about it. If you want to learn from the top industrial experts and know more then click the link here

Set Google Alerts

If you don’t get the enough information then try using the Google Alerts feature. If you don’t get what you want, then Google Alerts is worth trying. Include the stock name and whenever there is new information about the stock say like a post or article, you will be notified through email. Back in the days, I used to add alerts for my favorite stocks and I get notified by email every day.

Check Stock Forum

Another great idea is to search for the stock forums or the chat room for help. You can post a question and get help within few days. Choose the right forum to post information and avoid giving out the full information or your real identity. You can get more news , tips and tricks from the stock forum than reading the top news portals.

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