The enterprise bot space has matured a great deal over the past year. More and more large enterprises (>500 employees) are using platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams (and bots like Growbot) to improve employee engagement and productivity.

We get asked a ton of questions about where we see the enterprise bot space going, and felt that it might be useful to get all of the leading enterprise bot builders in one room to weigh in!

To do so, Growbot is helping produce two events that we’d love to invite you to:

Enterprise bot webinar

Growbot is partnering up with other leading enterprise messaging bots such as Talla, Troops, Polly, Zoom, Drift, Statsbot,,, and Birdly, to lead a joint webinar on Wednesday, May 17 at 2pm EST to chat about following topics:

  • What chatbots are and why they’re important
  • What distinguishes a chatbot that’s enterprise-ready from one that’s not.
  • Which chatbots can provide the most value to your organizations, with the opportunity to see live product demos from some of the thought leaders in this space.

👉 You can register here for the webinar!

Exclusive enterprise bot event in New York

And if you can’t make the webinar, we’ll be hosting an exclusive enterprise bot event for our customers in NY on Thursday, June 29.

👉 You can register here for the event!

We’ll have limited space for this event, but if you’re interested in the topic and in the Big :apple:, we’d love to catch up.

Again, props to you for all of your 💙 and support, and look forward to chatting with you soon!